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Category: Aviation
Tags: Airspace VFR Communications, FAA WINGS Credit

Course Description

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona had over 500,000 arrivals and departures during 2008.   That is roughly 1370 takeoffs and landings per day, or an average of about one per minute.  At the busiest airport in the nation, Atlanta-Hartsfield, there were more than twice as many operations! 


Welcome to the world of Class B Airspace, created around the 39 busiest airports in the nation to provide traffic control and separation between aircraft transiting the area and landing or departing at the airport. 


Amazingly enough, the only certification that is required to land at any of these airports is a private pilot’s license.  In fact, with the proper training and endorsements, student pilots are permitted within Class B Airspace at all but the 12 busiest Class B airports.


Many general aviation pilots find Class B airspace intimidating, and they avoid it completely.  However, with the proper knowledge and training, a pilot can learn to competently and safely operate within Class B airspace.


Please join us for the course ‘Class B Airspace Operations – A Direct Approach’ for a review of operations within Class B Airspace.   You too can gain the confidence you need to arrive, depart and transition through the ‘Bravo’ Airspace.


In addition to taking this online course, you can improve your proficiency by participating in the FAA's pilot proficiency program WINGS. Although everyone learns at a different pace, this course should take less than a half hour to complete.

This course qualifies for "Basic Credit" in the WINGS program and is worth .5 credits.  As long as you use the same email address as your FAASafety.gov account you will automatically receive credit.

You can find out more about the WINGS program by going to: https://www.faasafety.gov/WINGS

You can register for FAASafety.gov (It's free!) here: https://www.faasafety.gov/login/reg/Register.aspx

Time Requirement
Less than one hour
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